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Smart (Wireless) Monitoring

Wireless Temperature Sensors

i-HVACR wireless temperature sensors use a thermistor to accurately measure temperatures. These sensors are perfect for monitoring ambient temperatures around the sensors physical location. User customization allows you to set the frequency of readings and the ability to set thresholds for alerts via SMS text and/or email.

NIST certified product is available on leaded temperature sensors (select a lead length in order to see available certifications).

Wireless Water Detect Sensors

i-HVACR wireless water sensors alert you via SMS text and/or email when there is water detected, preventing potential property damage that results from flooding or leaks. Place this sensor anywhere flooding or faulty plumbing could cause a problem. This sensor can also be used to detect a lack of water, allowing you to know when a container is nearing empty.

Wireless Open-Closed Sensors

i-HVACR wireless open/closed sensors provide information on the status of doors, windows, cabinets, etc. Know if a building or area is being accessed when it should not be, or if a door or window has been left open. Alerts can be setup to notify a user by SMS text, email or voice call if a door or window has been opened or left open.

Wireless Humidity Sensors


The i-HVACR wireless humidity sensors allow you to monitor the relative humidity of the air within a room or enclosure. Ideal for monitoring humidity within greenhouses, industrial spaces, museums, saunas and humidors. They can also be used for residential applications such as controlling mold, mildew or dust mites.

Wireless Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Sensor

Imminent danger of CO poisoning is a growing concern in the care for the elderly, child and immuno-compromised individuals. The i-HVACR wireless sensor platform and online monitoring software provide a very affordable, simple-to-setup, feature-rich solution that helps meet the growing demand of legislative and public concerns regarding the monitoring of gas leaks and emissions.


The mems based wireless carbon monoxide sensor allows you to monitor the level of carbon monoxide (CO) gas in the surrounding air. Our sensors have a small footprint and low cost but boast industry leading, premium performance specifications and are the longest lifetime sensors in the industry and the only CO sensor on the market powered by a coin cell battery (battery lasts over a year at 1 hour heartbeat). User customization allows you to set the frequency of readings and the ability to set customized alerts via SMS text or email when the sensor detects CO levels outside of the user’s defined safe levels

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