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VRF(Variable Refrigerant Flow) & Ductless

With high technology comes high terminology, and that’s particularly true in the HVAC world. Many of us think of heating, cooling, and ventilation as a system involving complex ductwork. But technological innovations have provided us with newer options, including VRF and ductless systems.


What are they, and how do they function?

VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow)


This stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow, and this system doesn’t utilize air ducts. Instead, it provides you with the ability to operate multiple zones or indoor units on the same refrigerant system. The ability to connect up to 64 indoor units to one VRF condenser is just one amazing benefit. VRF also has another option which is the option to choose a Standard Heat Pump or Heat Recovery. With the Heat Recovery you can heat and cool different parts of a building at the same time using the same refrigerant circuit, they operate very quietly, and installation tends to be relatively easy but requires proper HVAC install Etiquette for a system to work for many years to come. All too often we see failures from installations gone wrong. Please call us before hiring an inexperienced VRF installer

A ductless heat pump is typically a residential system that gives you the ability to control the climate of specific rooms without ductwork. The units are designed to be compact, and only require a three-inch hole in the wall. Ductless systems are highly energy efficient, and they remove the necessity of having to heat or cool an entire building unnecessarily. As with VRF ductless systems need to be properly installed to maintain many years of trouble-free operation.

If you’re looking for a VRF or ductless expert and leader in the industry then you’ve come to the right place. After working for a few manufacturers of VRF and Ductless systems and commissioning over 100 sites worth of equipment from Boston to New York City we’re more experienced than the typical HVAC contractor. We can provide design, selection, installation, service, repair and maintenance of any VRF or ductless system.

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