Business Energy Analysis

The life of a business owner is filled with dilemmas. One of the largest is how to achieve a balance between profitability and efficiency. It’s critically important that you’re not hemorrhaging money and it’s just as important that your people perform up to your standards every day. Buildings that underperform often have an effect on employee performance due to incorrect lighting, IAQ issues, ventilation problems, temperature issues, and many other energy-related items.

One of the smartest ways to tackle both of the problems above is through a comprehensive investment grade energy analysis of your building’s Energy use and performance issues. We take a holistic approach and investigate all possible areas of potential energy savings.

The image below represents the areas of Energy use in the average commercial buildings.

At i-HVACR, we’ve spent more than 28 years providing a wide variety of HVAC/R services for clients in and around the Northeast from Boston through Connecticut and into New York. We can work with you to create an effective energy savings plan for your facility with the inclusion of Energy rebates and incentive programs through your local Utility company.

A.) Our process of getting your building healthier begins with:

1.) A request for utility use access and history for the current year and 2 prior years.

2.) We will Benchmark your building against other like buildings using the EPA Energy Star program.

3.) We will provide you the EPA Energy Star comparison and discuss next steps.

B.) Next Steps

1.) A thorough review of energy consumption in your place of business using cutting-edge analysis technology. (Real-time data logging, Predictive Analysis, BIM)

2.) We’ll point out specific problem areas and point out ways to start saving money and boosting energy efficiency.

3.) We’ll propose a comprehensive plan of items to tackle resulting in the best ROI.

4.) Implement Energy Saving Measures on a schedule that makes sense.

By saving money and creating an environment that allows your people greater comfort and productivity it’s a win-win situation.

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